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The origin of all metal is natural resources. Metal is delicate and return to nature such as rust. This principle would not change even if technology will be developed.
 We are an engineering company understanding well the character of each metal and contributing to industry based on chemical cleaning.
 We have wide know-how regarding surface treatment of metal. Since 1969 business starting, we have gotten a lot of experience in the area of ship, plants, industrial machinery and tools. We also carve out a niche market in resin industry and a precision instrument industry which represent aviation field.
 One of our strength is comprehensive technology not only surface treatment, but from pipe production, chemical cleaning, painting to management logistics. We are evaluated our ability that we treat at our factory and on site.
  Our customers are countrywide more then 200 company at the moment keeping their requirement which improve durability, fine exterior and secure the machinability.
 Recently we develop new technology to solve difficult matter which catch the world out with national institute and other company.
 Contribute to society by broad and deep knowledge about chemistry. From new we expect the future and keep developing.


Representative Katsuhiro Minami
Address 【Head office, Kuyama WS】
2387, Kuyama-machi, Isahaya-shi, Nagasaki
TEL:0957-26-5656(代) FAX:0957-26-5655

1201-1, Nakazato-machi, Nagasaki-shi, Nagasaki
TEL: 095-838-7733(代) FAX:095-838-7766

1000-158, Nishitogitsugouazakanahori, Togitsu-cho, Nishisonogi-kun, Nagasaki
TEL:095-882-9951(代) FAX:095-882-9951

1019-1, Mizoroku-cho, Oomura-shi, Nagasaki
TEL:0957-54-8776(代) FAX:0957-54-6644
Establishment 1969/7/1
Capital 10,000,000yen
Employee 60people
Main bank Branch Oohato of SHINWA bank , Branch Kaizu of 18bank
Etc. steel manufacturing industry


1969.7 Start business with flushing of oil pressure pipe in Kanaya-machi, Nagasaki
1970.4 Start being subconductor of MITSUBISHI NAGASAKI MACHINERY MFG. Co., LTD.
1973.3 Construct acid cleaning facility at Sasokogou, Togitsu-cho, Nisisonogi-kun, Nagasaki
1981.10 Move head office to Kuyama-machi, Isahaya-shi which is now location. Construct chemical cleaning facility for nonferrous metal and multi-purpose treatment.
1988.6 Getting permission as special cleaning of nonferrous metal from Mitsubishi Nagasaki Machinery.
(Chemical surface treatment and cleaning for defense industry)
Certification No. ・・・・・〔MFY-88-0007〕
1990.2 Construct factory for detailed cleaning of high-tech component part at Togitsu
1996.5 Construct logistic system center for management logistics of pipe at Mizoroku-cho, Oomura.
1999.11 Make business agreement with Nihon Parkerizing Co., Ltd. Construct facilities and technology in factory Kuyama WS and Togitsu.
2006.1 Construct pipe for vessel production division. Establishment integrated production system from pipe production, surface treatment, and efficiency of transportation.
2010.5 Permitted factory as special chemical cleaning from universal division of Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd.
2011.9 Acquisition ISO9001
2012.5 Construct factory for pipe welding of vessel and plant at Nakazato-machi, Nagasaki-shi
2013.12 Getting permission as special cleaning from Mitsubishi electric corporation.
2015.5 Cleaning line which is biggest line on west japan has been installed at factory Mizoroku.