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Pipe production

Other result / record

2006.01〜 Production pipe for vessel
2013.12〜 Production pipe for onshore plant
2015.07〜 Production pipe for hydro-mechanical machine
2016.03〜 Production pipe for diesel engine of vessel

Surface treatment

Other result / record

1973.03〜 Chemical cleaning of SS, SUS products and nonferrous metal for shipyard (bulk carrier, LNG, LPG. car carrier, cruise, container ship, warship)
1973.03〜 Chemical cleaning of tank or pipe for plant
1996.11〜 Chemical cleaning of steering cylinder or pipe of steering cylinder for shipyard
2016.09 Chemical cleaning of pipe, big sized parts for dome of LNG
2016.09 Chemical cleaning of quay deck for


Other result / record

1996.11~ Painting of hydraulic line pipe, steam pipe, steering cylinder and pipe of steering cylinder (bulk carrier, LNG, LPG. car carrier, cruise, container ship, warship)
2006.11〜 Painting gilded pipe, SUS pipe, cupro pipe
2006.11〜 Painting products or machinery of wet basin
2006.11〜 Painting of hydraulic line pipe and steam pipe for plant oversea
2011.05〜 Painting various SS, SUS products(base plate, foothold, pipe support, hydraulic pipe, steam pipe, valve etc.) for refueling system

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